[ About The story ]

At first glance of the name of the program perhaps it reminds you of some kind of memory. This kind of memory may be happy, maybe sad, but this is the natural law of the industry. This is our story, it is brief, but true. And we believe this story is not yet over, it will continue, for a long time...

Improved Security

To prevent accidental downtime from happening again, we chose DDOS-GUARD as our server provider, which is considered the best DDOS protection server provider in the industry.

Fully Automatic

Tired of waiting? At B-HOUR LTD, all transactions including deposits and withdrawals are processed automatically by the system, no need for confirmation or manual processing at all.

Multiple levels Ref.Com

By participlating in our affiliate program allows you earn 3 levels up to 9.99% affiliate bonus from deposits by your partners, Completely free to participate without any investment.


Our team consists of a group of experts who have been trading in the cryptocurrency market for many years. They are all well-trained and know how to avoid risks and maximize profits, we also open the door to excellent traders all over the world and welcome them at any time.

  • Mary Doe / Founder,CEO

    Shi Ch'ien / Technical President

    Teresa Fisher / Finance President

    John McNally / Marketing Director

  • Billy Puckett / Chief trader

    Mary Doe / HR Manager

    William Will / Executive

    Reginald Lane / Partner


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